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Top 5 Common Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Do you read the instructions on a cleaning solution before using it? It will make your life easier. For example, while some products clean glass well, they don’t disinfect, so can’t be used to sanitize in the bathroom.  Struggling to clean a nasty spill? You might be using too little solution.  Leaving streaks behind? Then maybe, you are using too strong a mix.  Always follow the instructions.

Second, it is always best to do things in order.  Whether top to bottom, or front to back, stay focused.  Moving randomly takes longer, and things often get missed.

Third, don’t skip doing a regular deep cleaning.  Yes, light cleaning is essential too, but schedule a thorough cleaning as well. Getting behind furniture and appliances keeps things smelling better and deters pests.  Annual/spring cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy home or workspace. 

Fourth, don’t get too attached to that old mop or cleaning cloth.  If it looks tired and worn, toss it.  Over time,  they stop absorbing properly, and instead of cleaning you may just be spreading grime or bacteria.  Nothing lasts forever, and the older these things get, the less effective they are.

Finally, spend a few minutes tidying up things like power cords or display items. Basically, anything that makes it harder to get to all the areas you need to clean.  Who hasn’t got frustrated trying to vacuum around a charger cord? Those dust bunnies like to hide in those spots and come back out when you put the vacuum away.

Top 5 Cleaning Mistakes


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