How to maintain marble

The most often asked question I get on a marble job is without a doubt – “How do I look after it now?”  I will focus on marble/granite counter tops and vanities this week.

Looking after these stone surfaces is as much about what not to do, as it is what to do.  For example, in a kitchen, drips from lemon juice, vinegar, wine, can leave stains, even on a well protected surface.  Because they all contain acid, which is corrosive.  Always wipe them up quickly.  Softer stones such as marble, will stain more easily.  Many manufacturers apply a wax on top of the counter top, so when you place a hot pot directly on it, it may leave a mark, as the wax effectively breaks down.  If you have a quality hard stone surface such as granite, that is well sealed (with silicone impregnator), you likely needn’t worry though.

For general cleaning,  just use a mild dishsoap – if you have any streaking, buff off with a dry cloth, or use a dry steel-wool pad ( grade 1 or lower)  Steel wool works well on stubborn marks too, don’t be afraid to use it, I do it all the time.

For a bathroom vanity, watch out for over spray from cleaners, like bleach, Windex or vinegar.  A lot of soaps have oils in them, so a soap ring from a dispenser can absorb into the stone.  Perfumes often have dyes in them, they also can penetrate the surface, so wipe up any spills

Soap and water are best for cleaning, buff any streaks after.  If using a disinfectant spray, read the label to make sure its non-corrosive

Heritage Property Care

Heritage Property Care

We offer cleaning and light maintenance services to condos in Toronto. We also specialize in restoration and maintenance of marble, granite, and other types of stone in Toronto. And our landscape design services will make any property beautiful helping it become a cherished heritage to future generations. We are insured and bonded.

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