Granite and marble countertop refinishing

A stain or scratch on a granite counter-top, can really detract from its beauty.  But it can be fixed.

Lemon juice, vinegar, wine, coffee, can all leave a negative impression on your marble, granite, limestone or other type of stone surface.  Chips, scratches, stains, the rings left from a glass, a hot pan, all will often leave a mark on the stone that can’t be simply buffed out.  One  or two marks might not bother you very much, but after a while you may end up with more damage on your countertop  than you can live with.  But it can be repaired.

We use a hand-held machine with diamond pads to remove the damage, then repolish the surface, until we get the desired look.  It can be a time consuming process, but part of the time involves prepping the area around the granite, with plastic and drop-sheets, to ensure no damage is done to the kitchen.

Depending on the overall condition of your granite or marble, it might be neccesary to refinish only a few small areas, which takes just an hour or two.  Sometimes a complete refinishing of the whole stone surface might be neccesary, which could take the better part of a day.     A marble vanity in a bathroom, is also prone to damage from bottles, cleansers etc.  Typically more than a simple buff is neccesary.  Grinding and polishing the marble can restore the stone to its original appearance.

So don’t think you have to live with stains or scratches on your marble and granite countertops.  We can fix them for you.