How to maintain marble

The most often asked question I get on a marble job is without a doubt – “How do I look after it now?”  I will focus on marble/granite counter tops and vanities this week.

Looking after these stone surfaces is as much about what not to do, as it is what to do.  For example, in a kitchen, drips from lemon juice, vinegar, wine, can leave stains, even on a well protected surface.  Because they all contain acid, which is corrosive.  Always wipe them up quickly.  Softer stones such as marble, will stain more easily.  Many manufacturers apply a wax on top of the counter top, so when you place a hot pot directly on it, it may leave a mark, as the wax effectively breaks down.  If you have a quality hard stone surface such as granite, that is well sealed (with silicone impregnator), you likely needn’t worry though.

For general cleaning,  just use a mild dishsoap – if you have any streaking, buff off with a dry cloth, or use a dry steel-wool pad ( grade 1 or lower)  Steel wool works well on stubborn marks too, don’t be afraid to use it, I do it all the time.

For a bathroom vanity, watch out for over spray from cleaners, like bleach, Windex or vinegar.  A lot of soaps have oils in them, so a soap ring from a dispenser can absorb into the stone.  Perfumes often have dyes in them, they also can penetrate the surface, so wipe up any spills

Soap and water are best for cleaning, buff any streaks after.  If using a disinfectant spray, read the label to make sure its non-corrosive

Granite and marble countertop refinishing

A stain or scratch on a granite counter-top, can really detract from its beauty.  But it can be fixed.

Lemon juice, vinegar, wine, coffee, can all leave a negative impression on your marble, granite, limestone or other type of stone surface.  Chips, scratches, stains, the rings left from a glass, a hot pan, all will often leave a mark on the stone that can’t be simply buffed out.  One  or two marks might not bother you very much, but after a while you may end up with more damage on your countertop  than you can live with.  But it can be repaired.

We use a hand-held machine with diamond pads to remove the damage, then repolish the surface, until we get the desired look.  It can be a time consuming process, but part of the time involves prepping the area around the granite, with plastic and drop-sheets, to ensure no damage is done to the kitchen.

Depending on the overall condition of your granite or marble, it might be neccesary to refinish only a few small areas, which takes just an hour or two.  Sometimes a complete refinishing of the whole stone surface might be neccesary, which could take the better part of a day.     A marble vanity in a bathroom, is also prone to damage from bottles, cleansers etc.  Typically more than a simple buff is neccesary.  Grinding and polishing the marble can restore the stone to its original appearance.

So don’t think you have to live with stains or scratches on your marble and granite countertops.  We can fix them for you.

Who we are..

Welcome to our new website.  For many years now, Nicole and I have been using the name Signs of Success, for our cleaning business.  This was because way back in 1995, we started a small sign business.  Over time we phased that out and began focusing exclusively on building maintenance.   The name was not really important, as everyone knew us simply as Greg and Nicole.

We are at a point now where we would like to grow our business, so a name change seemed appropriate.  Because of the type of work we do, and our business philosophy, we are now called Heritage Property Care.  We still offer the same services, and have the same personnel, but we feel the name better reflects the scope of work we do.

For almost 12 years, in addition to running this business with Nicole, I have also been working regularly with Castel Mare marble care.  I have gained valuable experience in the maintenance and restoration of all kinds of stone floors, such as marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone and so on.  Much of the work was done in the evening, when I would often supervise large projects.

Part of the reason for the website was to promote this aspect of our business.  We can help out with everything from, slate floors to granite countertops.  Feel free to ask us any questions.

You will also notice we are offering landscape design services.  Gardening is an aspect of property maintenance we want to develop.  As I finish design projects, I will post pictures so you can see the type of work we do.

Thanks again for checking out our website, we hope it is informative and helps you know what are company is all about.